Hello there. πŸ‘‹

This is my yet another attempt at writing.

An entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience in bootstrapping businesses from zero to profitability, leading to successful acquisitions. 2x exit @ ​iGenero​ & ​SocialSamosa​.πŸš€

Experienced in creating product strategy, managing the complete product lifecycle, delivering a phenomenal user experience across touchpoints, setting up cross-functional teams for long term version, driving profits & more importantly leading execution. I fundamentally believe in getting things done.

At iGenero, I was handling all things business & after a decade long journey, we got acquired in March 2020. We also launched iGenero labs – an in-house product vertical shipping user-centric, beautiful and functional products.

I also co-founded & led all things product at SocialSamosa – India’s leading digital content destination. In a short span of time of 4 years, we got acquired in May 2015. 

Startups. Technology. Travel. Motorcycles. Music. Curious. Learner. Ambitious. Random.

I can also be found at Twitter, LinkedIn & Email.

Projects πŸ€™

Boiled Egg Podcast | Three friends who love to discuss a range of topics across tech, life, food, fitness and all things that make us human. This podcast is meant to be a laid back conversation between friends, so pop a cold one and enjoy.

Hoistaflag | We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and it’s not possible for us to congregate to hoist a flag and celebrate our country with our communities. We hope that this platform recreates at least a little bit, the spirit and joy of celebrating our independence, our country with each other.

Snoop​ | A simple app turning your old phone into a free security camera. Concept to go-live in 20 days, #2 voted product on Product Hunt. Crossed over 50,000+ downloads with no marketing spend.

TakTak​ | A P2P platform that helps students find real-time answers to academic queries. Scaled the product to 100,000+ students &  1,000+ educators across the country.

B51​ | Designed to be a humanoid, a bot, which helps brands build instant consumer engagement, better UX, enable the lead generation and build consumer insights. Also, launched Boyfriend Bot to demonstrate personalised conversations which went viral overnight.

CyrptoSOS​ ​| A app that alerts the user via calls & messages every time their crypto investments rise or fall. 10,000+ downloads with zero marketing spend.

Couch Salon | On-demand at-home beauty & grooming services. Piloted in Hyderabad with 1000+ customers in six months. 

Pokerolla​ ​| An app to track & manage Poker bankroll, collect data & insights to help users improve performance over time. Started as an app and pivoted to an SDK for developers to integrate with poker engines as a part of user profiles.