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Aditya Gupta

Of AI and empathy

There is this popular series, The Big Bang Theory (TBBT), where its lead character, Sheldon Cooper, in one of the episodes, comes across a machine that helps him read people’s emotions and be more empathetic towards them. Sheldon, throughout the series, is portrayed as a person who can’t grasp nuances…

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Tipping 💰

All it took was someone willing to have a look into what was going on behind the scenes. And the lives of thousands of gig workers–the most vulnerable workforce in today’s society — changed for better. Only a bit though, but it did. Last month, an article by the New…

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Gen-Z & the rise of future realists

The last time I heard from my cousin who is pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science here in India, he told me about his internship at Volkswagen in Germany. Seemed like he had worked out the financial aspects with the paid internship at the auto giant. Interestingly, this guy also…

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Have you ever heard somebody say that they got their timing right? And, how often have you heard the same person mention how somebody else always got their timing right and that it was easy to be at the right place at the right time?  If only all of this…

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Gig Economy & the Future of Work

Lying on the couch, I’m working on my laptop. A few minutes later, I find myself scrolling through the infinite food options on Swiggy. You’ve probably used one of the many ‘food-tech’ apps either to search for a restaurant, make a reservation at your favourite bar. Restaurant picked, the discount…

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Publishing as a business📖

A tweet by @therealpkj trigged a bunch of thoughts when I was trying to figure the publishing space. Thread: Echo’s my thoughts as to why we didn’t raise monies & exited Social Samosa early in the game when others went ahead to raise money, and now seem to be folding…

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