Cancel Culture

Calling out toxic behaviour in perpetrating violence/discrimination/other serious issues is much needed, but sensationalising trivial issues & maligning people publicly is what is stupid.  Calling out someone publicly may be…


Inclusive design

1/ Can design be inclusive and create a sense of belonging for everyone? Yes and how?Here’s a #thread 2/ Inclusive design considers human diversity & uniqueness of each individual with…


Of AI and empathy

There is this popular series, The Big Bang Theory (TBBT), where its lead character, Sheldon Cooper, in one of the episodes, comes across a machine that helps him read people’s…


The age of oversharing

At the local Starbucks in my city, I see iPhones, Tablets, Macbooks and other fancy devices interacting with each other, exchanging streams of information — All this happening just in…


Tipping 💵

All it took was someone willing to have a look into what was going on behind the scenes. And the lives of thousands of gig workers–the most vulnerable workforce in…



Have you ever heard somebody say that they got their timing right? And, how often have you heard the same person mention how somebody else always got their timing right…