Platform product management

Platform product management focuses on developing and managing products that are built on top of a shared platform or infrastructure. This is in contrast to general product management, which focuses on developing and managing standalone products that do not rely on a shared platform.

Platform product management is an increasingly important role in the tech industry, as more and more companies are building their products and services on top of shared platforms. For example, many mobile apps are built on top of the iOS or Android operating systems, and many web-based products are built on top of cloud-based platforms like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

One key difference between platform product management and general product management is the scope of the product. In platform product management, the focus is on managing the shared platform or infrastructure, rather than a specific product built on top of the platform. This means that the product manager must have a broad understanding of the platform and how it is used by a variety of different products and customers.

Another key difference is the level of collaboration and coordination required. In platform product management, the product manager must work closely with other teams and stakeholders to ensure that the platform is meeting the needs of all the products and customers that rely on it. This can involve coordinating product releases, prioritizing features and updates, and managing the overall strategy for the platform.

Finally, platform product management also involves a greater focus on ecosystem management. This means that the product manager must be aware of the broader ecosystem of products and partners that use the platform, and must work to foster collaboration and innovation within the ecosystem. This could involve working with partners to develop new features or integrations, or engaging with the broader community of developers and users to gather feedback and ideas.

In summary, platform product management is a specialized form of product management that focuses on developing and managing shared platforms or infrastructures. It involves a broader scope, greater collaboration and coordination, and a focus on ecosystem management.

Here’s a deck on Platform Product Management from a workshop I recently conducted.